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 This is what I know.

The human experience is the most important element in storytelling. It doesn't need to be complex or unique. In fact, the more relatable the story, the more invested the audience.  Emotions such as love, jealousy, anger, resentment, joy and desperation (to name a few) are not just part of every great Shakespeare play, they are also key ingredients we experience in our daily lives across any race, language, gender or age.

The time an audience spends watching a play or film is a sort of slow drip of humanity. It can be a hilarious, nonsensical rollick or a gut wrenching story portraying a grim historical past.  Either way, as a Director I have the absolute joy of standing in the shadows watching the faces of audience members lit by the faint glow of light as they respond to the story unfolding before them.


This is one of the triumphs of being a director. 

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