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Teaching youth in any kind of creative class can be the most rewarding job you will ever have.  If taught in a supportive and nurturing way, art is transformative and can change lives by providing a place for a child to feel confident, creative, resourceful and without the paralyzing fear of failure or judgment. I had phenomenal mentors as a young art educator, and now I'd like to pay it forward and do the same for developing directors instructors and teachers. 

Teaching Youth 

Words from a developing teaching artist about her experience with mentorship: 

“I am an up-and-coming acting coach and musical theatre educator in San Antonio, Texas. While spending some one-on-one time with Elena, I gained a significant amount of knowledge to aid in my own lesson plans and future advancement as a teacher and actor. She is a great mentor and I am very excited to continue to learn from her amazing and hard earned experience. “ 


Arianna Gonzalez,  San Antonio, TX

Mentorship Elena Kent

Arianna Gonzalez

Free mentor sessions to help 

  • Learn unique and fun acting exercises for class

  • Get help with licensing shows and creating a budget

  • Explore ways  to connect with students that  support  a safe environment that establishes trust

  • Expand on the concept of exploring freedom of individuality

  • Acting techniques that focus on simple methods that unlock creativity.

  • Learn how to build a Literature Program for young audiences

  • Get ideas for workshops

  • Learn about starting a non-profit organization and collaborating with community 

Let's Connect!

I would love to meet you and and help you learn more about how to be a dynamic, supportive teacher in any form of the arts including acting for theatre/film, musical theatre/dance, studio art or with your own personal development on the arts administration side of things. 

Sessions are via Google Meet (virtual) and are complimentary.


1 hour intervals between 10am-2pm
Monday, Tuesday or Thursdays

I am very flexible so  just let me know what is best for you. 

Click the mail icon  and let's schedule a session!
Please tell me about yourself and what you'd like to cover.
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