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Vintage handprinted Boots: White Rose | 7.5+

Thrifted Rose Collection: Vintage Rios of Mercedes boots
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Size: 7.5-8
Can be returned if they don't fit.*
These boots fit somewhere between a 7.5 and 8. I suspect they're originally a 7.5, but with wear, the leather has stretched a bit. They'll fit a wider foot well. Please note, these boots are from 1983, so there's a lot of wear on the soul of the boot. (Pictured) Of course, I think it gives them so much character and I find them comfy, they're just too big on my 6.5 foot!

Vintage Rios of Mercedes Boots circa 1983 (Handmade in Texas) with original tag. They are from Teners in Oklahoma City, also with original tag.

They are sealed, but to preserve the paint, clean with a damp warm cloth, but I recommend not wearing them in the rain or muddy grounds.

Oh to know where these boots have been over the past 40 years!

**If you purchase these one of a kind boots and they don't fit, you may return them to me by shipping them to my home address in Austin. If they are in the same condition I sent them to you, I will refund 100% of your costs less shipping fees.**

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